Get Your Kids to Listen

Have you ever listened to yourself in the morning? If the kids are not fighting, they are crying about something so trivial. When you ask them to do something, it normally needs to be repeated and each time you say it, your tone gets louder and before you know it, you are screaming and yelling. It seems like the only way to go before they take action, that’s not the kind of mum I wanted to be!

At a workshop I asked parents to share their problems and the most common problem that came up time and time again was that the kids don’t listen!  So let’s try and look at this in detail and see how we can overcome this problem to be the mum you always wanted to be.

Talk less

A study has shown that we are constantly correcting our children on a daily basis, for example we ask them to ‘get changed’, ‘wash your hands’. Did you know that they are capable of absorbing approximately 50 instructions per day? We need to cut them some slack, talk less and give instructions wisely.

Let them make their own mistakes

Ever made empty threats and not delivering? We all have. Sometimes we need to take a step back and let them make their own mistakes. If there toys are still lying around after telling them to pack it away multiple times, confiscate it for a period. If they haven’t placed their lunch box in the sink after school, let them face a smelly school bag tomorrow.

Demonstrate Good Listening

We aren’t great listeners at the best of times, so demonstrate active listening skills to your children as children learn by observing. Active listening involves eye contact, undivided attention and responding to what is being said. You’re not really demonstrating active listening when you are looking at the phone or busy with something else.

Show them love

Kids always want to make you proud, they are always showing you a new trick they learnt or demonstrating something new. Show them your care and be excited for them, no matter how big or small an achievement, emphasize your love and you’ll be surprised what you’ll get in return.

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